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Benson is a Brazilian artist born in Campinas São Paulo, who had his first contact with graffiti in 2007. Today, in addition to graffiti, he is a sculptor, mural & canvas painter.  

Born in the 90s, Benson liked to watch series and cartoons of the time, since he was a child he spent hours of the day drawing. His style in graffiti emerged with these childhood influences, Brazilian culture and old school graffiti from the United States, strongly present during his growth. ​


His immersion in canvas painting during the pandemic period was a major watershed in relation to his previous artistic production. With architectural references and perspectives from Mc. Escher, Dali's surrealism and Magritte's daydreams, Benson created a universe where he portrays metaphors and stories from his subconscious, with the characters and their graffiti.


Untitled_Artwork 9.png
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